Silly Boys

We’ve got some family coming into town this weekend.  They’re not staying very long but have given us a really good excuse to clean up the house and the yard and stuff.  Because Jon went to trek and then to summer camp with the scouts this summer, the yard was kinda let go.  Can’t really blame him – way too many things to do plus a wife that doesn’t do bugs.  He was going to just hire a landscaper/gardener for a day this week to pull weeds and decided yesterday to make the offer to his scouts instead.

So, between 9 and 10 this morning, we had 6 scouts show up to weed our yard.  Three of them worked on the back yard and three in the front yard.  I was sitting at the computer working on our ward newsletter so I could hear what the 3 in the back were talking about.  They were cracking me up!  Here are some pieces of their conversations:

Scout 1: Go fetch me a drink.

Scout 3: Why me?

Scout 1: Because you’re the smallest.

Scout 3: What does that have to do with anything?!

Scout 1: You’re also the most athletic.  You could use the work.

Scout 2: I found a worm!

Scout 3: Ooo!  We should feed it to the fish!

Scout 1: Yeah – we could use it as bait!

(I glanced out the window and didn’t see a fishing pole or line or anything so I’m not sure what they were going to try and do with it.  I saw them all walk over to the pond and then…)

Scout 2: We should cut it in half.  I think it’s too big.

Scout 3: He’s coming!

(Jon was coming in the front door and there’s a straight shot out the back window from the front.  They all run back to their spots.  A few minutes later…)

Scout 1: *singing* …strumin’ on the ol’ banjo!

(They started singing rounds!  Not even joking!  It was AWESOME! … About 10 minutes later…)

Scout 2: Hey Scout 3, you should let me pierce your ear with this.  I bet it would work.

Scout 3: Why would I want my ear pierced?

Scout 1: Woof!  WoofWoof!  (barks like a dog)

Scout 2: I don’t know, I just think it would be cool to say that you did it yourself.

Scout 3: But if you did it for me then I couldn’t say I did it myself.

Scout 2: Whatever.

Scout 1: Woof!  WoofWoofWoof!!

Scout 2: What are you doing?

Scout 1: Barking.

Scout 2 and 3: Woof!  WoofWoofWoof!


Scout 1: Who wants to sing church songs?!  (And then in his loudest and deepest voice…)  BOOK OF MORMON STORIES THAT MY TEACHER TELLS TO ME…

Scout 2 and 3: DUN. DUN. DUN.


Scout 2 and 3: DUN. DUN. DUN.


Scout 2 and 3: DUN. DUN. DUN.


(Long pause…)

Scout 1: There were like 8 Canadians at my EFY.

Scout 2: Did they try to eat you?

Scout 1: No, but the liked Canadian bacon.  It’s just like ham.


Scout 2: *lauging* Scout 1!  You have butt circles!

Scout 1: I was sitting in wet grass.

Scout 3: *laughing* Your cheeks are blushing!

Scout 1: Good thing I wore sweats.  They’re really absorbant.

That all took place in about 3 hours or so.  I wasn’t evesdropping the whole time.  That would just be rude!  🙂

2 thoughts on “Silly Boys

  1. Hahahaha! Young men are so funny. Too bad you have to be male to work with them at church. You were lucky to get this little glimpse into their world. ;^)

  2. Bahhahahahahahahahahha! That’s freakin hilarious. I don’t ever hear more than a peep out of the ym in our ward. I think it’s cool that you got a rare opportunity to listen to them just be boys and not know who’s listening. 🙂

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