I went to Chipotle for lunch yesterday and I couldn’t help but read the back of my cup…

You can judge me if you want to, but I DON’T CARE.  That little bit of salsa & cheese & sour cream HANGING OUT in the bottom of my burrito foil after I’m done eating is MINE.  IT’S ALL MINE.  Digging down into those foil crevices is my tongue’s favorite part of the day.  Even better is that every time I eat a Chipotle burrito, the little surprise at the bottom of my foil is different.  I mean, sometimes it’s carnitas the most awesome pork ever, and sometimes it’s chicken or steak…

SO FINE, I guess you can go ahead & call me a “FOIL LICKER” but that foil holds that one, last delicious bite that I couldn’t ever think of throwing away.  It’s like my burrito flavor savings account – but it’s in a bank that won’t ever need a BAILOUT.

Ha!  FOIL LICKER!  And then the pic:

2 thoughts on “Readingware

  1. HAHA wow I’ve never seen that on the cups but that’s totally how I feel when I eat there!! I GUESS I’m a Foil Licker!!=)

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